The 155th Recruiting Office recruits quality mission
capable forces through the spectrum of conflict that 
integrate seamlessly into the Aerospace Expeditionary
Force and provides Homeland Defense for the United
States.  They supply the Governor of Nebraska with
trained and ready forces to respond to emergency 
and disasters. 


The ANG provides an opportunity for individuals to
enjoy civilian life while contributing to the welfare of their
country and state.  They can earn extra money, travel, learn a skill or trade, and enjoy a break from the daily routine of life.  Read More.


Call 402-309-1218 to talk to a recruiter for Nebraska Air National Guard full-time positions

Recruiting Office

2420 West Butler Ave.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68524-1888

Contact number:
(402) 309-1218 
DSN 279-1218


Public Affairs mission is to promote positive support for the 155th Air Refueling Wing and the Nebraska Air National Guard by providing accurate, relevant and timely information to our members, their families, and to our local community, state and nation. 

155th Air Refueling Wing
2420 West Butler Ave.
Lincoln, Nebraska 58524-1888