Nebraska Air Guard Honors Day Formation Scheduled

  • Published
  • By Maj. Kevin Hynes
The Nebraska Air National Guard will conduct its annual Honors Day formation Aug. 3 at the Nebraska National Guard air base in Lincoln. 

According to event organizers, the Honors Day is currently scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on the grassy mall area located in front of the Nebraska Air National Guard's main hangar. 

Scheduled to be honored are Air Guardsmen who have retired during the past year as well as this past year's Community College of the Air Force graduates. 

For more information, contact Capt. Nicole McCoy at (402) 309-1114.

This year's retirees are: 

Lt. Gen. (Neb.) Roger P. Lempke
Maj. Gen. Mark R. Musick
Col. George G. Boshae
Lt. Col. Steve Burke
Lt. Col. Kelly D. Carlson
Lt. Col. Renee A. Dalton
Lt. Col. Mark S. Novak
Lt. Col. Samuel R. Veney
Maj. Russel J. Buzalko
Chief Master Sgt. Victoria K. Cerino
Chief Master Sgt. Terry J. Knapp
Chief Master Sgt. Bruno Krygier
Chief Master Sgt. Michael J. Martin
Chief Master Sgt. Ronald Navratil
Chief Master Sgt. Douglas A. Richard
Chief Master Sgt. Donald D. Schritt Jr.
Senior Master Sgt. Bonita R. Damrow
Senior Master Sgt. Eugene E. Trausch
Master Sgt. Brenda L. Brockhoff
Master Sgt. Lynn M. Driver
Master Sgt. Freddie J. Ellis
Master Sgt. Gerald L. Frain
Master Sgt. Maybre L. Johns Jr.
Master Sgt. Gregory A. McNeese
Master Sgt. William D. Norris
Master Sgt. David C. Sandstedt
Master Sgt. Richard H. Stephens
Master Sgt. L. Stroud
Master Sgt. William L. Weber
Master Sgt. Bruce A. Woods
Master Sgt. Bruce W. Wright
Tech. Sgt. Brian W. Barnes
Tech. Sgt. Wanda K. Bowder
Tech. Sgt. David E. Brumley
Tech. Sgt. Daniel J. Clark
Staff Sgt. Helen A. Porter 

This year's CCAF graduates are: (October 2007) 

Tech. Sgt. Charles Aden
Master Sgt. Frank Albrecht
Tech. Sgt. Gary Banner
Tech. Sgt. Brendelyn Beck
Staff Sgt. Lucas Brown
Staff Sgt. Jad Callahan
Senior Airman Jonathan Carrison
Staff Sgt. Douglas Gerdes
Staff Sgt. Thomas Hersch
Staff Sgt. Christina Huskey
Senior Airman Jesse Johnson
Staff Sgt. Matthew Oestmann
Tech. Sgt. Daniel Patterson
Tech. Sgt. Aaron Self
Master Sgt. Mark Stocking
Senior Master Sgt. Scott Tontegode
Chief Master Sgt. Susan Turner
Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Venteicher 

(April 2008) 

Senior Master Sgt. Dallas Bartlett
Senior Airman Amy Callahan
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Dannelly
Senior Airman Riki Foos
Staff Sgt. Kevin Krausnick
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Lannin
Staff Sgt. Jarell Roach
Staff Sgt. Holly Robertson
Tech. Sgt. Nathan Salmon
Tech. Sgt. Eric Schlingman
Chief Master Sgt. Donald Schritt
Senior Master Sgt. Scott Tontegode